Sorry to see it go

In doing some research for my new servers, I noticed the RedHat has withdrawn support for the i386 and i486 series processors in its latest release, 8.0. One of the things that early Linux geeks touted about the OS was that it would run reasonably well on older hardware, such as the 386 class PCs. In fact, we still have some 486 hardware somewhere in the building that at last glance had a copy of RedHat 6.something on it. (I think the HD crashed, but this makes me want to fix it.) Heres the list from Redhat’s hardware compatibility web site,
Does it mean I am getting old if I was nastalgic for a 15 year old computer? Nah! If you think that’s bad, see the Retro Computing Society of Rhode Island.

It happens to everybody
Thanks to Greg B for pointing out this article about how Kevin Mitck’s web servers were defaced. More anecdotal evidence that the only safe box is one that isn’t connected to the Internet.… Read the rest

How often should I be doing this?

Recently a client who had just had a server compromised by the SQL slammer worm told us he had “applied the patch this summer.” By some accounts, this should have protected him. But it got us to thinking about lies, damned lies and statistics again. And how often should we tell our clients that thier systems should be updated? And … Read the rest

They’re working on it

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What’s in a name?

Boldly going where I don’t belong.