Early Christmas presents for myself (and you too)

For the new site I am working on, I have been working with a new CMS (Content Management System) and as a result of learning about that tool I have learned some new things that I think other web designers will find useful.
I have previously mentioned the Web Developer Tool for Firefox. I recently discovered the Edit CSS feature … Read the rest

Meet Ingo Chao, CSS pervert

satzansatz — About Ingo Chao. It makes me giggle to write something so silly about a person. And I wouldn’t call someone I don’t know a pervert of any kind except that he says it himself in describing his CSS debugging service:

So far, you were working out the browser-specific problems on your own, read the mailing lists, kept up-to-date

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Hello! IE 7 and Libertarians for Web Standards

Well, I didn’t mention it until now, because my own home page broke when IE 7 was released last week. It really fries my chops, because I know of a couple 7 year old sites designed in tables that didn’t break. My site is XHTML 1.0 Transitional and it validates, yet when I saw it in IE 7 I … Read the rest

A new color tool, thanks to Shirley

I was pleased to see this come in my RSS reader today: New Color Scheme Tool – Brainstorms and Raves. Shirley E Kaiser doesn’t know it, and I don’t know her or I might mention it, but she was one of my motivations for getting involved with blogging.
I’m also a painter and interested in color so I was … Read the rest

Newly published MT based web site

At JSW4.NET Internet Hosting Services for Small Business we just finished another web site managed using MT for my friend and picture framing specialist Jeff Risley. Jeff owns Park Row Gallery, and he is having his twentieth year anniversary this year. I used this opportunity to employ MT both in the primary site, and with far less customization in a … Read the rest

Hello, David. Thanks.

David Jacobs made a post on ProNet mailing list this week, pointing us to a page at Type Pad which explains the default HTML template classes and CSS style sheet more clearly on two pages than I have been able to gather working with the stuff for almost a year. TypePad and Movable Type share some HTML and style sheet … Read the rest

em and en are not rap stars

If I am lucky, I know just enough about typography to write this article. If the way the article is set appeals to you, you can probably thank your browser, or luck, I am no type expert by any means. I wonder at the artists who create fonts—fontographers and those who know how to use them well—typographers. This post is … Read the rest

A bug so old it went away

When I first switched to Firefox, one of the things that made me crazy was trying to figure out why my own company home page didn’t render exactly as it did in IE. I tried everything and just couldn’t resolve some single pixel CSS issues. I decided that rasther than worry about the details, I would fix it in a … Read the rest

Stylin’ with the Monkey

I was researching installation instructions for Movable Type, and I got a little off track. I came across this resource for “Free drop-in styles for Movable Type” over at Style Monkey.
I couldn’t easily figure out the monkey’s name to give the author credit. If you stop by you may want to wish them encouragement on their impending graduation … Read the rest

Acronym markup and Bobsleds

A few weeks ago, I had a discussion with Guy Leo of Galileo IMS, a friend of mine who does some work with the USBSF. We were discussing how to identify an acronym in a press release I was writing. Guy wanted me to do the traditional thing which is to identify the acronym by following it with the … Read the rest