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Lorem Ipsum (Dummy Text)

When designers lay out web pages before the final copy is ready, they need to use dummy text. Why reinvent the wheel? Lorem Ipsum is dummy text, and the Lorem Ipsum site will generate paragraphs of the stuff for you. (And lists of it too, if you need them.)… Read the rest

Technology is the key

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon recently talked about how Amazon has grown, and where their key expenditures went over their slow but sure rise to profitablity. CBS Marketwatch and Information Week both have more indepth coverage of his speech.
Amazon has grown and changed the way they manage and move information over the years, they have spent more that 3 … Read the rest

Plugged In

Yesterday I got the Garden Party Web site majorly tuned up. It’s all pretty well managed through the same tool I use to publish AdvisorBits, Moveable Type.
Moveable Type supports plug-ins and there is a small but active group of independent programmers contributing modules. If you use moveable type as part of your marketing strategy, or even just for personal … Read the rest

Survey Says … #1

I already mentioned this list. But this week I was reminded how simple things like putting prices on the page can make a big difference. As Neilson says:

Price is the most specific piece of info the consumers use to understand the nature of the offering, and not providing it makes people feel lost and reduces their understanding of

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Understanding RedHat’s Strategy

Free Linux still exists. This is Good Stuff ™, but it’s not for the timid.

RedHat has not been free for me since my first Linux Box. (Once Mark used his media to install it, and I borrowed Frank’s media once for the same box.) I’ve always tried to buy a copy of each major version, because I supported … Read the rest

Not exactly Letterman

Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox for December 23 is now online at:
Jakob Neilson is known for his fairly drastic positions on web usability. His Top Ten Web-Design Mistakes of 2002 represents a significant deprature from previous efforts in that he includes funny pictures.
If you suscribe to AlertBox you’ll probably “get” this post. If you don’t you should probably glance … Read the rest

Bad News in a seemingly well organized package

The National Sciences Foundation has puiblished the 2002 Science and Engineering Indicators survey. It’s a fairly clearly organized site, chocked full of statistics, more statistical data, and presumably damned lies. (With respects to Clements, who poularized the phase, and Disraeli who coined it: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.”)
The good news is that this … Read the rest

What’s in a name?

It seems that everywhere I work, I end up writing about DNS, or the Domain Name System. It probably doesn’t help matters any that there seem to be so many different permutations of the acronym. There’s really only one authority (although there are several references) and that’s the Internet Engineering Task Force or IETF. The relevant documents these days are … Read the rest

Bowling Ball Brain

I was looking at Jesse Gardner’s site again today. I like the layout and I think it renders fairly well in most browsers. He has these creepy eyes that pop-up in a window. I’m not sure what they mean, but I have my ideas. The JavaScript he uses automatically closes that window a few seconds after the main document loads, … Read the rest