Small Business

Just a song before I go

to whom it may concern.
Traveling twice the speed of sound, it’s easy to get burned.

To paraphrase Crosby Stills Nash and Young, In today’s gigabit fiber optic networked world of businesses ranging in size from the independent contractor to mega-corps, its easy to make mistakes. Probably one of the easiest and most tempting for businesses may be to send … Read the rest

Small Business Resources for Windows

Earlier this month, I wrote an entry here about Kubuntu, a Linux based desktop operating environment. I think choice is good, but the fact is that I will have a Windows operating system on or near my desk for the immediately foreseeable future. Everyone else does, and they all call me for help, so I have to. Its … Read the rest

Times they are a changin’

Christopher over at the MS IE weblog points out that IEBlog : Windows 2000 moves into Extended Support after June 30th. Similar to what one commenter noticed, most small business users I work with are already switched off of the Windows 2000 desktop platform. I only have a couple more Windows 2000 servers that I am involved with to … Read the rest

The real cost of software on your site

As I was noticing the phpBB critical update of the week, I thought that the real cost of having cool stuff like forums and guestbooks for your site’s users, or content management systems in the background is probably not so much related to the purchase price of the product as it is the cost of maintenance. Even if I … Read the rest

Setting Expectations

If I wanted to be a bit more project manager-like I might call this article “Definition and Scoping”. But it is really about accurately setting expectations. Putting together a web site is the same as any other project that involves two or more people. There needs to be some plan or specification that the group understands and agrees to work Read the rest

Taking a Critical Look at Process

This post serves to thank my friend Jacqueline Rogers, a children’s book illustrator and painter. I met Jacqueline over the summer when she hired me to work on her web site, I realized I may not have given her site a plug since it was launched.
Whether she knows it or not, she has been very helpful … Read the rest

Spot a phish?

Here’s an informative little quiz you can take to see if you are vulnerable to phishing scams. Phishing is the practice of impersonating someone, or more usually some company, via email in order to get the intended victim to divulge personal or financial information. Messages often contain real logos and similar devices designed to trick unsavvy users to click a … Read the rest

Second entry about Firefox

I accidentally said “Yes” a few days ago when Firefox asked me if it could be my default browser. And I only noticed it today. I really reccomend you get over to Mozilla and get yourself a copy.
Reasons for today:
Tabbed browsing. Instead of a new window (and icon on the Windows task bar) you can open additional … Read the rest

There are better Mac browsers

This is not a rant about Macs or Microsoft.
It’s a little more like confessing defeat, but the cost to benefit ratio strikes me mighty thin to work around these CSS Bugs in IE5 XHTML and comes with the OS X these days.
I don’t believe in designing for the bleeding edge browsers that only a few of us have. … Read the rest