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Marks Aniversary with Animated Short

My old college friend Michael Scaramozzino has celebrated the 20th anniversary of his award-winning interactive multimedia studio, DreamLight in Woburn, MA. Over the years he has successfully produced a large body of impressive projects for a variety of clients. To celebrate his business’ anniversary, he has created BlastOff! The film, which he made with his family, is an animated … Read the rest

Simply well developed commercial website models

I work in a profession where the other people my age or older seem to be fewer and fewer. One of the things that is kind of neat about this is to work with people and see them develop over the years. As they move on and find new influences it is wonderful to see the work they do.
I’ve … Read the rest

Conservatively differentiating design from style

At the company I run, we develop web sites for some of our customers. And even though we do, you’ll notice that I did not write: We design web sites. I haven’t always been very clear about that difference when I discuss what I do, because I don’t think everyone will understand the fine distinction I am making. And I … Read the rest

My Rules to fight SPAM

I say they’re mine. As I went to research [i.e. Google: “avoiding it in the first place +SPAM” ] the rules, it seems they’re pretty much the same everywhere.

  1. Use a “straw man” email alias in public. Sometimes called throwaway or disposable email addresses, when you get on the spammer’s list you can simply change addresses.
  2. Read the check-boxes on
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Environmentally conscious upgrade program

The other day, I finally broke down and decided to replace the old UPS that the server in my office is connected to. I would never have let a client use one this long, so it was time to do as I say. American Power Conversion company (APC) makes the UPS I have so it was off to their web … Read the rest