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Newly published MT based web site

At JSW4.NET Internet Hosting Services for Small Business we just finished another web site managed using MT for my friend and picture framing specialist Jeff Risley. Jeff owns Park Row Gallery, and he is having his twentieth year anniversary this year. I used this opportunity to employ MT both in the primary site, and with far less customization in a … Read the rest

I have a hard enough time spelling Christmas

I have watched with a certain amount of amusement the national debate [sic] over the correct words to label the passage of time when the Christians celebrate the birth of their lord, and the Jews celebrate the miracles of a small army rising up successfully against a larger army and the oil which should have lasted only one day but … Read the rest

My own web directory

People ask me about links to things all the time. In a sense, many of the posts in AdvisorBits are just annotated links. Lately, I have been writing on a less frequent basis about the things that have really caught my eye, and a little less of the quicky posts.
Part of my reason for that has been that I … Read the rest

Get a job

I was doing a little search engine research on the word “blogging”, and I was pretty suprised to notice that according to Overture there were 120 searches for “fired for blogging” in April of 2005.
Don’t believe me? Check for yourself:
Once I thought about it a little I was amused. I am an independant contractor for a variety … Read the rest

Rebuilding like I say it should be done

I am working on a redesign of my primary business website. I want to achieve at least 2 goals which I frequently help my clients with, goals that like the cobbler who’s children have no shoes I have not achieved for myself.

  1. I want to make the site more sematically correct. More than just stuff like menus should be lists,
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Google does maps now too

Google Maps (beta) was launched pretty quietly today.
The service is quite fast to load in the browser and moving around on the map is fast. The mapping screen refreshes from the center out which is a nice little touch. I don’t have to wait half way through the map loading to find out if I am centered correctly.
I … Read the rest