Duplicating a perl installation

Someone recently made a comment about the difficulty in mainting duplicate perl and CPAN setups using the CPAN module. (The comment was made in a post to the CGI::Application mailing list.) I don’t think this is the case, and so I set off to verify the top of my head answer, which was:

perl -MCPAN -e autobundle

I was composing … Read the rest

Short circuit logic and other performance tips

There is a nice article by Martin C. Brown on how to optimize perl scripts over at the IBM Developer Works site. There’s a short instructive section on how to use short circuit logic in place of more computationally intensive conditional statements. If you write perl, its worth a read in case you don’t already know about these tips.… Read the rest

Pretty cheesy

Michael Peters from, a module CGI-App written by Jesse Elerbaum. I have used CGI-App in some projects and it provides and object oriented approach that allows me to focus on what I want my web application to do, instead of the mechanics of the web.
The name of this project, no matter how silly, is actually an apt … Read the rest