Information Security

Firewall Question, and recent module.

My friend and associate Aaron writes:

Hey I was wondering if you had any experience with the SmoothWall firewall? Seems that a lot of techie people like it and it’s open source, and it’s GUI.

Its all IPTABLES to me Aaron.
But no, I hadn’t heard of SmoothWall, thanks for the pointer.
There are lots of different scripts (… Read the rest

Narrative definition of Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a huge threat in today’s business landscape. Just like any other security exposure, before we can protect against it we have to understand the nature of the danger. Darren Miller has written an article describing one scenario in which social engineering is used to defeat external perimeter security without too much effort. Miller’s article concludes with a … Read the rest

bots, explained in detail

Know your Enemy: Tracking Botnets
Lance Spitzner’s Honeynet project is at it again. I just noticed this paper they wrote about bots… the quote made me laugh. Of all the reasons someone would break into my machine, stealing my Diablo 2 gear is probably pretty low on the list. All the kids on BattleNet tell me my gear stinks. (They … Read the rest