Information Security

Worrying about magic

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

That is commonly known as (Aurthur C.) Clark’s third law. Its been further modified several times in popular culture to read more like this from the web comic Freefall:

Any technology, no matter how simple, is magic to those who do not understand it.

I have had cause to think about … Read the rest

Analyzing malicious SSH login attempts

Christian Seifert has investigated a series of on-going attempts to login to Unix servers on the Internet, and he has publish the report entitled Analyzing malicious SSH login attempts at Security Focus.
This caught my eye because I have recently seen evidence of this that I do not ordinarily see. Not only that but since I was on vacation, … Read the rest

My Rules to fight SPAM

I say they’re mine. As I went to research [i.e. Google: “avoiding it in the first place +SPAM” ] the rules, it seems they’re pretty much the same everywhere.

  1. Use a “straw man” email alias in public. Sometimes called throwaway or disposable email addresses, when you get on the spammer’s list you can simply change addresses.
  2. Read the check-boxes on
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More Welcoming MacUsers

I guess maybe I am beating this particular drum a bit hard, but I know a few Mac users and this is no longer just my hypothetical good computing hygyne advice. I really would hate for my Mac friends to find out the hard way that its not safe to play in the street. Following up on AdvisorBits: Welcome Read the rest

Welcome to my world, MacUser

I noticed Gregg Keizer of CMP media said that the the exploit for the zero day flaw in OSX is posted over on the Metaspliot Framework site. This combined with the two worms that have recently been detected targeting the Macinstosh platfrom indicate to me that the security though obscurity that my fine feathered Mac friends usually hang their Read the rest