Analyzing malicious SSH login attempts

Christian Seifert has investigated a series of on-going attempts to login to Unix servers on the Internet, and he has publish the report entitled Analyzing malicious SSH login attempts at Security Focus.
This caught my eye because I have recently seen evidence of this that I do not ordinarily see. Not only that but since I was on vacation, … Read the rest

Micro-HOWTO: Big Sister On Trustix with H-Sphere

One thing that is key to make a web services business successful is to have the service up all the time. For almost as many years as I have run my web hosting business, I have relied on Big Sister to monitor my network performance and some specific metrics and to notify me of problems when they arise. I recently … Read the rest

Memory Testing Software for PCs

I recently decided to install a new operating system on a server that has been running for about 2 years. I have had a few problems with bad discs; but I put that down to a bad shipment, because some from the same batch failed in another location too. They have all been replaced for about a year now.
When … Read the rest

Saint IGNUcius came to town

If you look very closely, you’ll notice I’ve updated the name of the GNU/Linux category. This came about after I recently went with my friend Eric Sundwall to see Richard Stallman speak about Free Software at Williams College. Actually that was a couple of weeks ago, but the very cool SBS Diva got the meaning of free all Read the rest

A Desktop for Users

A lot of times in this space, you’ll find me rambling on about Linux servers and other cool open source stuff that I use. I like typing commands and geeky stuff like that, but I know most people don’t. This post is a pointer for the average user who interacts with a desktop computer and is more comfortable in a … Read the rest

Free Book about Freedom

I read another important bit of history the other day. I have written before of the Open Source movement, and a variety of open source tools. Many of these tools I have mentioned, such as GIMP and GRUB are part of the GNU project, primarily sponsored by the Free Software Foundation. It would be fair to call theses tools … Read the rest

Sarge declared stable

Debian released Sarge as “stable” yesterday, June 6th. This is good news for fans of free Linux distributions, its been three years in the making and some of us have wandered off to other distros while we were waiting. I hope PSoft jumps on the bandwagon to support this distro. I like the idea that Trustix would have competition, and … Read the rest