Dr. Random

Step 11: Cut across four lanes of traffic to exit

Happy Labor Day.
You may be amused by this. I always use Google for directions but I wonder if the Maryland State Troopers would buy that as an excuse if they pulled me over for this:… Read the rest

Web Badges, its an addiction with me

I love these little buttons. I don’t know what kind of a sickness it is, but I always look at them, and waste huge amounts of time whenever I find a badge maker.… Read the rest

Enigmatic, or Egomaniac?

PBS | Robert X Cringely Column – “Mini Me, The New Mini Mac is All About Movies”
33% of the people I know who are Mac users (musers?) have heralded the Mini Mac. That would be one person if you’re counting. Like most of the rest of the world, the 99 % who use Intel PCs, I have … Read the rest

Good reason to be camera shy

Monkey methods: Bill Gates Strikes a Pose for Teen Beat Photospread, 1983
Ordinarily this wouldn’t merit a post in AdvisorBits becuase its mostly humor. Be sure to read the comments, some of them had me in tears.
Things like this are the reason I don’t let people take pictures of me very often. I don’t really want to remember what … Read the rest

Stolen Styling?

Pirated Sites!! Aaarrgghh… is a site dedicated to exposing the ripoff artists on the web.
With so much freely available help, such as Advisorbits… just ask, there’s no point in risking embarrassment like this or worse.… Read the rest

Still, only occasionally gearheaded

When I found the mini-itx.com web site selling miniature computers, I knew I had to comment, even if they do sell hardware. Generally speaking, I stay aways from hardware because I am a networking and software guy – but how to build a touch screen PC for my car was an article that just drew me in.… Read the rest

Willa Cather is gone

This is all she was doing for the past year, and now that is done. When I started my business I named all my hosts after dogs I have known. When I first started raising dogs, I named them all after authors I liked. Willa was my second dog, and my first Rottwieler. She’s long since gone on too.… Read the rest

I’ve always wondered what to do with the tins…

Minty MP3: Build your own MP3 player with an Altoids tin and and $25 worth of parts. This is no joke, but as the site says if this is your first hack, maybe you should consider something more simple.
For instance, try some of these: Hack A Day. I especially liked the idea of RSS feeds on a … Read the rest

Uncle Sam wants you to Stay Safe Online

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The FTC has brought together some good beginner references for secure safe Internet use. There is a section for home users in addition to a good section on safe basic business information technology practices.
Even organizations who have an existing security plan may want to take a brief look at this site to … Read the rest

CGI:: Application powers 1-800 Save a Pet

If you have a minute check out 1-800 Save a Pet because it’s a nice site for a good cause. Be sure to check out their spiffy theme song.
Mark Stosberg worked on this site and he tipped us to the site on the CGI::Application list. Other recent discussions on this list have been very useful to improving my understanding … Read the rest