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Still looking too closely.

A few years ago, I happened to notice an idiocycracy about some word proccessor’s spell checker. Its been fixed.

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What’s your computer named?

Its recently come to my attention that a certain competitor of KinetixHosting.com (blatant plug) has servers named UGH and one named SHEKEL.
I just wanted to remind everyone that it could be worse.
I almost hate to poke fun at the folks from Redmond about this, because I think for its time Windows NT Server Resource KitRead the rest

Odd things you notice if you look too closely

Don’t ask me what I was writing or to who, but I had occasion to notice this over the weekend. I wonder if either publisher will fix the idiosyncrasy in upcoming releases.
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Hello! IE 7 and Libertarians for Web Standards

Well, I didn’t mention it until now, because my own home page broke when IE 7 was released last week. It really fries my chops, because I know of a couple 7 year old sites designed in tables that didn’t break. My site is XHTML 1.0 Transitional and it validates, yet when I saw it in IE 7 I … Read the rest

6bone goes dark today

I mentioned the 20th birthday of Internetwork Protocol (IP) in this blog, so it seems fitting to mention the death of the 6bone. (At the risk of being known as a the Cliff Clavin of Internet history.)
The 6bone is (was) an experiemental network developed to allow people to deploy IP version 6 in a test environement. Initially they tunneled … Read the rest

If you know where to look

Recently I have been thinking more and more about this issue of accuracy. As I read the piece I mentioned from The Economist, I tried to think of these individual efforts at publishing valuable and accurate content.
Maybe he read my posts in AdvisorBits, but more likely he got my address in some other way. At any rate, Jonathan Janson … Read the rest

What’s wrong with this picture?

I was standing in line in the local supermarket a while ago, and I had the hardest time finding the amount I owed on the screen of the cash register.

When I went back I took my camera and the nice lady thought I was a bit crazy for wanting to take a picture of the register. I noticed though … Read the rest

Browser News and Vindication

If you haven’t updated to Firefox 1.5 yet, I would wait a while. I think they still have some bugs to hammer out of this version, and there are also a number of extensions that I use which haven’t been upgraded.
Today is black Tuesday. (That is what I call the second Tuesday of each month when Microsoft releases the Read the rest