Code Notes

Sendmail Vulnerability

I really hope to get some more articles about web development posted soon, but so much time is spent keeping up to date on systems and servers sometimes the articles get put on the back burner. Anyway, all systems administrators should be aware by now that as of yestrday morning their Sendmail based mail servers were vulnerable. This is a … Read the rest

Attaching External Style Sheets

CSS2 is the current standard for allowing authors to specify style information in web documents. CSS Contains information about the size, placement, color and other visual aspects of HTML entities. The current CSS specifcation is CSS2 which is a superset of CSS1 and allows designers to specify style for various media, such as print.
One of the first things you … Read the rest

How often should I be doing this?

Recently a client who had just had a server compromised by the SQL slammer worm told us he had “applied the patch this summer.” By some accounts, this should have protected him. But it got us to thinking about lies, damned lies and statistics again. And how often should we tell our clients that thier systems should be updated? And … Read the rest

Update all your operating systems (again, still)

There’s lots of bleary eyed network admins out here this morning. Looks like another* MS SQL server vunerability being exploited out there. We know of at least one server that was driving 80Mb/s to the Internet.
All this can be avoided by patching your operating systems correctly. Most users can go to their Internet Explorer browser (the big blue “e” … Read the rest