Code Notes

Firewalls Up Mr. Scott!

James Doohan, aka Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott got his star on the Hollywood walk recently in case you missed it. I haven’t watched StarTrek in some time, but if I tuned in StarGenX or whatever the most recent version is, I would expect the latest Captain Whatshisname to be saying things like “Firewalls Up, Mr. Scott“.
Microsoft’s Number Read the rest

Gimp Lomo Effect

My friend Jesse is a genius with Photoshop. He can take just about any photo and make it look good; I oughta know because hes helped me out of a design jam a couple of times. But me, I can’t afford those professional kinds of tools when my primary use will be to shrink my photos of flowers from … Read the rest

Nice looking Groupware

Just got back from a test drive of Dicole MimerDesk. Its a web based groupware software project that has a nice list of useful features. It is an OSI project that I heard about on the CGI:Application list.
Dicole Groupwork and Collaborative Learning EnvironmentRead the rest

Splitting nerd hairs

Sometimes I write these posts and I am wonder if my clients understand the stuff I write about, and sometime I wonder if it hasn’t just become one of those ranting (or rambling) nerd blogs even though I really try hard not to rant. And then, as if to cheer me up, Google points me to a whole other realm Read the rest

Fun with XP SP2 and NMAP

Nmap Hackers: Windows XP SP2: Nmap Fix and Further Information contains a useful explanation from the author and a clearly marked rant.
Fyodor has released a version of NMAP that provides a workaround for the fact that Microsoft has removed access to RAW tcp sockets in XP Service Pack 2. He’s also given a critique of Microsoft’s policy which has … Read the rest

Wireless intrusion tools

I’ve used Ethereal for some years now. This software was updated the other day, if you have an older copy you might want to update for new features. If you use Ethereal, you know that it is an Open Source network protocol analizer that runs under Linux, Unix and Windows.
Developers and security professionals may use a protocol analizer to … Read the rest

Thanks, Mark

I confess, my first PC was a MacPlus. (The original MacPlus if you’re old enough to know there was more than one model year.) So I have always been in essence a drag and drop guy. Over the years I picked up a little DOS, and now I use a lot of Linux. I work on a command prompt … Read the rest

There ought to be a law

Today’s Internet Storm Center Handler’s Diary tells a story that would be funny if I didn’t know it to be sadly true in many cases. See “Mailbag: How to tell your consultant is a fraud.”… Read the rest

The envelope please

One of the issues that will have to be overcome before Linux can become the desktop Operating System of choice is the real and percieved lack of applications. There are simply more applications out there for Windows. That is why it is a “real” lack.
Advocates such as the Open Source Directory, would like to overcome this … Read the rest

Apparently hell has frozen over

A friend of mine who is an editor by profession called me this morning to ask what a DS1 is. She also mentioned an article on eWeek that tipped us to this: is Microsoft’s first open source project. (No kidding.)
The author, Steven Vaughan-Nichols, sees it as a page from the Evil Empire’s playbook described in the Halloween Read the rest