Code Notes

The three (?) faces of MT4

The latest version of Movable Type, MT4, comes in three distinct flavors, plus an enterprise version. Since I work with small businesses, and individuals, I thought I would take a minute to go over the various features and license terms as I understand them.
MTOS (Movable Type Open Source)
I have seen the company call this the “core” product, that … Read the rest

Couldn’t have said it better myself

Tim (we didn’t write the book on MT, just the manual) Appnel wrote to the MTOS mailing list, ostensibly addressing reasons for using CPAN modules in place of MT code that replicates pre-existing CPAN mods. He made a technical point, but I think this point is so much more important, I have quoted it. I removed the … Read the rest

Comments really add to the discussion

I have never really used Flash for anything. My attitudes and knowledge of it all stem from experiences gained around 2000. When I read Dan Webb’s post about how he was going to start to learn more about the newer versions of Flash, I had a kind of smart-aleck response: Ya sure, if it runs under X Windows on Read the rest

Why be different.

I’m notoriously incorrect when I make projections, but I think I may add another category named after a programming language. For a few months now I have been reading about and playing with some Ruby programs.
Ruby is an object oriented scripting language, created in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto. There are a quite a few technical reasons a programmer might … Read the rest

Live Writer Post

There has been a lot of talk on ProNet the past few days about the CMS UI. Content Management System User Interface, or the part of the software that the author’s of blogs use to post their blog entries. I for one, wish that the interface would work without JavaScript. It is not that I don’t like JavaScript, it is … Read the rest

Another mystery solved

This one really confounded me for a while. In my quest to use more free software, one thing stumped me with the GIMP that I think is more or less trivial with other software. Rounded Corners. Problem solved: [GUG] tomcat’s tutorial – rounded corners; plus a user group, GUG centered around my favorite graphics program.… Read the rest

Exchange rebuilding; not as bad as feared

In 1999 sometime, the guy I worked for brought me a Microsoft Exchange Server to deploy in the company where we worked. Later in 2000 I saw my first Small Business Server which includes a version of Exchange. Microsoft maintains pricing that makes the Small Business Server a very attractive environment for businesses with under 75 users.
Almost all my … Read the rest

First Post from Firefox

Firefox is the newest browser from Netscape’s Mozilla project; get yours here. I am posting from this new browser today because all of my links and bookmarks imported fine from IE. In fact, I barely notice the difference in the way this new free browser renders my MT interface.
Mozilla is an Open Source project, so support of it … Read the rest

XP Service Pack 2

In case there was any doubt about the advice in the the aritcle about service pack 2, “Fun with XP SP2 and NMAP“, I think users should apply the patch if they can. (Unless of course someone else is responsible for the machine, such as a network administrator.)
Users may have heard security experts claim that … Read the rest