Hello! IE 7 and Libertarians for Web Standards

Well, I didn’t mention it until now, because my own home page broke when IE 7 was released last week. It really fries my chops, because I know of a couple 7 year old sites designed in tables that didn’t break. My site is XHTML 1.0 Transitional and it validates, yet when I saw it in IE 7 I … Read the rest

A bug so old it went away

When I first switched to Firefox, one of the things that made me crazy was trying to figure out why my own company home page didn’t render exactly as it did in IE. I tried everything and just couldn’t resolve some single pixel CSS issues. I decided that rasther than worry about the details, I would fix it in a … Read the rest

Firefox update available

Firefox Products page.
AdvisorBits’ favorite browser, Firefox was updated on Friday.
Microsoft will be releasing IE 7 this summer. In truth and fairness, we should state that for many years IE was our favorite.
One hopes that in the fight for browser market share that everyone will continue to strive towards a common interpretation of the standards. In … Read the rest

Firefox Market Share Soars

Mozilla’s browsers global usage share is 7.35 percent according to
And it was just released a few weeks ago into a market dominated by a vendor who has been making browsers since around 1995. This statistic also makes Mozilla’s Firefox the number 4 browser globally, with only various IE browser types being more used. Pay attention web designers! … Read the rest

Firefox turns 1.0

I’ve mentioned Firefox before, now it’s been officially released and you can get the latest version. It is not currently subject to any exploits, and I think this is one of the major reasons a lot of technical types like it.
If you want to know what I think AdvisorBits looks like most of the time, you would look at … Read the rest