Stylin’ with the Monkey

I was researching installation instructions for Movable Type, and I got a little off track. I came across this resource for “Free drop-in styles for Movable Type” over at Style Monkey.
I couldn’t easily figure out the monkey’s name to give the author credit. If you stop by you may want to wish them encouragement on their impending graduation … Read the rest

“THE” question?

InformationWeek Weblogs The Weblog Question January 31, 2005
This article looks at who owns the content on the weblogs we all love to read. It seems reasonable to me that a blog which is published on the web server’s of the company is the property of the company. In fact it is this kind of thinking that made me an Read the rest

Your Referrers Are Showing

A couple days after I noticed the SPAM in my web statistics, the topic came up over at the Comment Spam Clearinghouse, a blog run by Jay Allen.
Jay was hired this fall by Six Apart, the publishers of MT, presumably because of his blackbelt in AntiSPAM, as demonstrated by the mission critical MT plug-in he wrote, MT-Blacklist.
Jay’s Read the rest

And another thing… about SPAM

The nice folks at Movable Type have put together an excelent reference for fighting SPAM in MT weblog comments. The document is both informational, and instructive. They explain in plain terms how SPAMMERs operate and get around some things we try to do. It’s understandable these days when systems adminstrators get frustrated and just want to take the most drastic Read the rest

2005 Year of the blog

Dialog: a conversation between two or more persons; an exchange of ideas and opinions
-from Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, ca 1965

The Internet has always been about access to ideas and information.

From its earliest beginnings, the Internet has been about sharing information. The earliest chunks of “Internet” allowed the mainframes at four different universities in the US to … Read the rest

Entry-level MT hacks

If anyone’s been looking (and I know of three… a vast number relatively speaking) over the past week or so, some changes have been happing to the style and to a lesser degree the layout of AdvisorBits. This is not a totally original design. I am still using Movable Type’s default templates (mostly) and the stylesheet is taken more directly … Read the rest