Business Blogging Seminars

I mentioned attending a business seminar in May, and now Six Apart has scheduled a new series of Business Blogging Seminars all over the country in the coming months. These events are not just for ProNet members, but are geared towards the general business public with a different industry focus for each city.
If you attend you will hear … Read the rest

It must be true!

Several months ago, I noticed that the New York Times had redesigned their website to viewed by a monitor with 1024 x 768 pixels. For years I have noticed more users setting their monitors to this resolution, instead of 800 x 600, and I guess it was a matter of time before we had to reassess the lowest common factor … Read the rest

Elise Strikes Again

The MT 3.31 Plug-in Compatibility List

Elise Bauer, author of Learning Movable Type has published the PCL. (Do you remember the NT4.0 HCL? If it wasn’t there, it wasn’t going to work with NT.) I found this more recent and relevant document while doing some last minute research before doing upgrades this week. If you are upgrading your MT blog, … Read the rest

Dell finally took my advice

Almost a year ago, I said Dell should start blogging.

If I was King of Dell for a day, I would make all the executives start blogs to communicate with real users.

And they have. The blog is called ono2one and the tag-line is “Direct Conversations with Dell”. So far the content is OK, they have mentioned at least … Read the rest

A new color tool, thanks to Shirley

I was pleased to see this come in my RSS reader today: New Color Scheme Tool – Brainstorms and Raves. Shirley E Kaiser doesn’t know it, and I don’t know her or I might mention it, but she was one of my motivations for getting involved with blogging.
I’m also a painter and interested in color so I was … Read the rest

Cool site via an online aggregator

I have been thinking about RSS for a long time. I wanted to write an article about it, but two things have prevented me to date.

1) Its a boring and complex topic with a lot of semi-technical discussion of competing standards that probably wouldn’t be interesting to my customers, or wouldn’t be useful to my fellow hackers since everyone

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Newly published MT based web site

At JSW4.NET Internet Hosting Services for Small Business we just finished another web site managed using MT for my friend and picture framing specialist Jeff Risley. Jeff owns Park Row Gallery, and he is having his twentieth year anniversary this year. I used this opportunity to employ MT both in the primary site, and with far less customization in a … Read the rest

Further thoughts on the nature of the beast

The other day, I made a post, which along with a healthy rant against some magazine journalist who had lumped “blogs” all together into a mass of media without accuracy or ethics, contained a sactamoneous statement of belief about how blogs defined the sprit of our times.
Today I read an article that takes a bit of a more … Read the rest