Don’t adjust your screens

I’m making some design changes at AdvisorBits. And the first step is to get naked. I love to have a reason to say GET NAKED, naked is a great word. By GET NAKED I mean that I am going to shed the CSS for a while.

But you needn’t fear, my good friend Jesse is going to help … Read the rest

New security rules and the cobbler’s children

The server where Advisorbits is hosted was recently rebuilt, which is to say, it got a new operating system and hard drives. It has served me well for years. But like everything else, time changes the network environment. When I first deployed the server, there was little SPAM. And in my niavete’ I was hoping not to have to deal Read the rest

New and Improved … more or less

You won’t read this until a few days after I post it, but after a slight hiatus AdvisorBits is back. The databases that drive AdvisorBits were temporarily lost, and so the site has been in a state of stagnation for over a month. The databases were restored due mostly to the efforts of my sister, I was too mortified by … Read the rest

New Home Page Layout Progresses

Over the past few days if you glanced at AdvisorBits and refreshed your broswers, you might have seen me working on the layout. I still want to do somethings with the type and there are a lot of other pages to repair. To say nothing of the pages I have to create because of the new navitgation system.
I’ve included … Read the rest

Changes come gradually to AdvisorBits, a blog

Astute readers and some Movable Type users will notice that AdvisorBits is now published using version 3.1. They have added some spiffy new blogging features at the same time that I had been thinking about making some changes around here. (There has been at least one post in each of the last 21 months, AdvisorBits is almost 2 years Read the rest