The three (?) faces of MT4

The latest version of Movable Type, MT4, comes in three distinct flavors, plus an enterprise version. Since I work with small businesses, and individuals, I thought I would take a minute to go over the various features and license terms as I understand them.
MTOS (Movable Type Open Source)
I have seen the company call this the “core” product, that which underlies all their other versions. And that seems to be decent description. All the normal stuff is there: Catagories, Entries, Periodic Archives, Comments, and Trackbacks. The new and very useful: Page and Folder appear along with an Asset Management tool. (The Asset Management was pretty weak in 4.0, although the community seems to be saying it has improved a bit in 4.1)
This version has a GPL, which means that you may use it for any purposes, including commercial, i.e. business. This version is available from the publisher free of charge. The Movable Type Community site (.org) has more information.
MTP (Movable Type Personal)
Movable Type without the Professional Pack. I am not sure if there are any functional differences between this version and the Open Source version. If there are I haven’t noticed them, and no one has made it clear in the stuff I have read.
This version is for non-commercial use by a single user. It is available free of charge from the publisher on their commercial web site.
MT (Movable Type (TM). )
Movable Type with the Professional Pack, and including support from the publisher. The professional pack includes features such as Custom Fields, and the Universal Website Template sets. Template sets are a new feature that is implemented in all versions of the product, Universal Website Template Set is currently only available to those who purchase it with the Professional Pack that comes with MT (TM). With it small businesses could create a simple web presence in a matter of hours.
The commercial version is licensed based on the number of active users, i.e. authors, and starts around $300 for 5 users; which includes support from the publisher for a single user for 12 months.

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