This time, its official

Movable Type Open Source, MTOS, has been released as a stable version (4.1). No more nightlies for us. This is a good thing, as it can now be safely consumed by a wider audience. (I don’t know about you, but “here’s what I did today” lost its charm after I couldn’t paste it to the refrigerator anymore.)
Look what I did today
And there’s also a commercial version MovableType 4.1, for professionals or organizations who want direct support from the publisher or access to the “professional pack” which includes among other features the ability to define “Custom Fields”.
I support both of these products in my web development, and business web hosting services. In fact, the next post you see on AdvisorBits may well be from 4.1 on those hosting platforms. The whole fast cgi (fcgid) thing is way cool, but really overkill on my own blog, so I am getting ready to host this blog and its related friends on the shared servers for a while.

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