Early Christmas presents for myself (and you too)

For the new site I am working on, I have been working with a new CMS (Content Management System) and as a result of learning about that tool I have learned some new things that I think other web designers will find useful.
I have previously mentioned the Web Developer Tool for Firefox. I recently discovered the Edit CSS feature of this which should be very useful for users who do not edit files on the console like I do. (Do you rebuild the CSS through MT? ARG!)
The feature allows you to easily edit a local copy of a CSS file and see the changes with a quick refresh. When you are satisfied, then you can copy and paste and rebuild.
and if that wasn’t cool enough

Java Script editing and debugging tool
I found the ultimate JavaScript hacking tool, and it turns out its pretty useful in troubleshooting a huge range of web page issues too. This tool is called Firebug, and it allows you to analize, disect, and work with not only the XHTML and CSS, but also the JavaScript. It has a set of debugging tools for Javascript which includes an graphical DOM browser which seems pretty handy too.
Firebug is also a plug-in for Firefox. (Closer and closer to the browser as client OS.)
Easy Text Formating
At the same time, I actually started using a tool I have known about and that is available to MT users (as a text formatting plug-in, thanks to Brad Choate) to format some content. This tool is called Textile, and it replaces HTML “codes” with simple markup which anyone can probably learn very easily.
If you go to the Textile site, you might want to check out the Daily Oliver, and know that it was partially the inspiration for my own photoblog, and the design there.
And the final “early present” to my readers is that the photoblog has, at long last, been [partially] updated. (Many thanks to my helper Carol!) More to come soon.

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