Live Writer Post

There has been a lot of talk on ProNet the past few days about the CMS UI. Content Management System User Interface, or the part of the software that the author’s of blogs use to post their blog entries. I for one, wish that the interface would work without JavaScript. It is not that I don’t like JavaScript, it is just that do like a choice.

But that is not what this post is about.

I just got Live Writer from Microsoft, and I am writing this post using that program. I downloaded it for free, and I am sure they want me to do the Live Spaces thing, but I am using it to test posting to MT.

So far so good. It gives me a nice WYSIWYG view of the blog post as I edit it. It was a little picky about some things as I set it up, but I tried enough times and eventually it hooked up to my old (Linux) server and in just a minute now, we’ll see if it posts.

Well whaddya know?

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