Simply well developed commercial website models

I work in a profession where the other people my age or older seem to be fewer and fewer. One of the things that is kind of neat about this is to work with people and see them develop over the years. As they move on and find new influences it is wonderful to see the work they do.
jesse.jpgI’ve known Jesse since he was just out of high school, and we’ve always worked on websites together. Several years ago he started his own web design firm, and he’s done some nice work. Recently he’s done a couple of remarkable sites, both with an ecommerce aspect and both focused on giving very small businesses very professional web sites.

Beloved Keepsakes is a simple site owned by the wife of a serviceman now or previously serving in Iraq. She makes 2 small jewelry items which are very popular; a full blown shopping cart would be overkill in this situation. Jesse has done a nice integration with Pay Pal’s invoicing. I thought it was very simple and elegant.
I’m not sure how much Jesse had to do with the ecommerce concept behind Simply Recipes, but he did the page layout and graphics for the site. Simply Recipes is a recipe site with tons of free information, just like the Internet was meant to be. What struck me in a commerce sense was that I couldn’t see how Elise Bauer, the site owner was even breaking even giving this free resource away. No blatant ads, and as I looked closer not even a subtle Google AdSense unit.
Ah… but as I followed links a little farther into the site I could find relevant pages with (associate) links to Amazon and appropriately placed Google ads on those pages. The whole idea is very creative and I hope it works well for her.
It looks fabulous, and I really like the ability to print recipes easily; either with or without photos; a simple yet useful feature. The whole thing seems to be setup in a series of Movable Type blogs which is also not surprising considering Elise also runs Learning Movable Type. The ability to comment on the recipes gives great added value to the information.

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