Meet Ingo Chao, CSS pervert

satzansatz — About Ingo Chao. It makes me giggle to write something so silly about a person. And I wouldn’t call someone I don’t know a pervert of any kind except that he says it himself in describing his CSS debugging service:

So far, you were working out the browser-specific problems on your own, read the mailing lists, kept up-to-date with latest bug reports, and searched bugzilla entries.

But why not leave CSS debugging to a man who cultivates this little perversion?

I was attracted to his site and stayed to read about CSS hasLayout which is new to me. It has some information regarding designing for IE browsers, and the difficulty of floats in IE while maintaining cross-browser compatibility. I thought it was very informative. Maybe I am a pervert too.
If you don’t get this yet: Content (the words I write, the pictures I show you) should be separate from presentation, or the way a web page is styled to make it appear to the reader.
Ingo also controls the size of his type and lines in his CSS. (i.e. some measure on some other measure like 11/12pt used to be specified for printed type) This is something graphic artists from the “old days” always used to complain about HTML’s inability to correctly handle. CSS font specification has become fairly complex compared to what we were doing on the web back in 1995.

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