Business Blogging Seminars

I mentioned attending a business seminar in May, and now Six Apart has scheduled a new series of Business Blogging Seminars all over the country in the coming months. These events are not just for ProNet members, but are geared towards the general business public with a different industry focus for each city.
If you attend you will hear about current business blogging case studies, and of course a healthy dose of Six Apart self promotion. (Did I mention Anil Dash will be at all the seminars?)
I really enjoyed meeting some of the people who will be speaking at these upcoming seminars when I went to NYC in May, and it was quite telling to hear Anil speak, after having read so many things he’s written. I will probably attend several of the events on the East Coast, and I will invite some clients to go along with me to NYC and Boston. I think that the presentations were great, and really demonstrated clearly some of the simple benefits of blogging.
If you can get to one of the seminars for a day trip, it will be time well spent. If you wait for the last minute they will charge you double. Which is to say, it’s half off if you register in the next week or so.

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