Dell finally took my advice

Almost a year ago, I said Dell should start blogging.

If I was King of Dell for a day, I would make all the executives start blogs to communicate with real users.

And they have. The blog is called ono2one and the tag-line is “Direct Conversations with Dell”. So far the content is OK, they have mentioned at least one problem and said they are working on it. I think the “Rules of Engagement” anticipates a bit too much of a confrontational conversation. The whole thing struck me as too public-relations and corporate.
For instance, they mention the new gaming platform in a recent post. (Which I note seems to be branded Dell, although I NEVER remember seeing anything like that before they bought AlienWare, but they say it is unrelated.) Unfortunately its all about the supply chain and upcoming availability, and how the urban legends just aren’t true. I don’t do video stuff, so I can’t comment on the the third item which was about MP4 files. They should really have some wannbe-uber gamer like myself paid to play and blog about the latest cool toys from Dell. If anyone at Dell is reading this, you can contact me by clicking the javascript contact thingy in the page navigation at the top.
I no longer want to even contemplate the difficulty of being King, but if they asked me to consult, I would tell them to loosen up a little and have some fun.

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