A new color tool, thanks to Shirley

I was pleased to see this come in my RSS reader today: New Color Scheme Tool – Brainstorms and Raves. Shirley E Kaiser doesn’t know it, and I don’t know her or I might mention it, but she was one of my motivations for getting involved with blogging.
I’m also a painter and interested in color so I was glad to follow her link to GenoPal, a Windows software tool for making color pallets. There is also a free program called GenoSwatch on the GenoMetri – GenoColor web site .
There are a lot of color pickers available, I have mentioned more and Shirley has a whole page of them. I am not quite sure what they mean when they say “All presently available color tools and rules start with the color of an object or the color of light. GenoColor starts with your mind.(Emphasis added, because that was the part I didn’t understand.) I will say that GenoColor does not work like any other color picker tool I have ever worked with, and its worth a look for that reason alone.

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