Newly published MT based web site

At JSW4.NET Internet Hosting Services for Small Business we just finished another web site managed using MT for my friend and picture framing specialist Jeff Risley. Jeff owns Park Row Gallery, and he is having his twentieth year anniversary this year. I used this opportunity to employ MT both in the primary site, and with far less customization in a news site. This lets him manage the content on his site very easily, and gives him an easy way to post regular news items.
Park Row Gallery web site front page screenshot

I am also fairly pleased with the “words” on the site. Carol Hargis worked together with Jeff and me on the keyword research for this site. Together we all found out a lot of interesting things about how people search for the service that Jeff provides.
Perhaps the thing I am most proud of may be least evident to users of the site. I have used the MT templating system and pure CSS methods to remove the “no-op” from a list of pages (entries). It is all in the code, and it is a hack of an idea I got from someone else, but someday I may write it up here anyway,
I am also pleased to mention that Jeff has asked me to show a piece in his “20/20″ anniversary show. I hope that if you are near Chatham NY later in the month and in June, that you’ll stop by to see the show.

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