If you know where to look

Recently I have been thinking more and more about this issue of accuracy. As I read the piece I mentioned from The Economist, I tried to think of these individual efforts at publishing valuable and accurate content.
Maybe he read my posts in AdvisorBits, but more likely he got my address in some other way. At any rate, Jonathan Janson writes to me, introducing his own website devoted to Vermeer scholarship. This site contains interesting details I only vaguely remember from art school lectures 20 some years ago. But beyond the specificity of topic, it is a remarkable individual effort to collect content on a subject matter of interest to the author of the site. He is clearly devoted to accuracy, and I didn’t even see any of the ubiquitous ads of the two “new media giants”. (NMG?)

Maintaining the highest degree of historical accuracy and objectivity, while continuing to expand the site’s depth and breadth, is fundamental. My desire is not so much to express my own thoughts and feelings in regards to Vermeer’s life and work, but rather to faithfully reflect those of others more favorably inclined. Since I am a painter by profession, I wish to limit my personal considerations to the more technical aspects of Vermeer’s paintings: that’s where I really feel somewhat more at home.

If you like the Vermeer site, you may be interested in Jonathan’s paintings too.

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