Further thoughts on the nature of the beast

The other day, I made a post, which along with a healthy rant against some magazine journalist who had lumped “blogs” all together into a mass of media without accuracy or ethics, contained a sactamoneous statement of belief about how blogs defined the sprit of our times.
Today I read an article that takes a bit of a more in-depth look at the definition of what a new media company is, by way of looking at it in a larger context of what defines a media company. The gazillion-dollar question | Economist.com They made a lot of the points I wished I had, I think it is worth reading.

Many small audiences are as good for advertisers as few large audiences, and indeed may be better. This has huge implications for content, turning it into one long continuum — from professional to amateur, from blockbuster to subculture niche. Chris Anderson of Wired magazine calls this stretched statistical distribution “the long tail”.

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