Memory Testing Software for PCs

I recently decided to install a new operating system on a server that has been running for about 2 years. I have had a few problems with bad discs; but I put that down to a bad shipment, because some from the same batch failed in another location too. They have all been replaced for about a year now.
When I tried to install, I got an error and was unable to complete the installation. The screen was a little garbled, but I saw words (signal 11) which subsequently lead me to believe this was a memory error. I fiddled around a bit, and on the 4th try I was able to get a basic operating system installed and running. And so I went off to find a program to check the memory for me.
What I found was Memtest86+ a “Stand-alone Memory Diagnostic” developed by Chris Brady, released under the GNU public license. Since it is a stand alone program, it doesn’t run under Linux or Windows, or DOS. (Although the release notes mention the bootstrap does come from a Linux Kernel) You boot your computer to the program and it runs patterns through all your memory repetitively to look for errors. It will keep running forever, but the web site indicates one pass through all the tests should catch most errors.
There are instructions on how to make a boot disk under Windows and Linux, although under Linux, this wasn’t necessary for me, I added the image to grub and rebooted. So far, it has made one successful pass, but I think I will let it run through a few more times just to be sure.

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