I have a hard enough time spelling Christmas

I have watched with a certain amount of amusement the national debate [sic] over the correct words to label the passage of time when the Christians celebrate the birth of their lord, and the Jews celebrate the miracles of a small army rising up successfully against a larger army and the oil which should have lasted only one day but instead lasted eight, and when retailers all over America make it into the black.
Googles Chanukah candleI have always thought that we used “Happy Holidays” because it was more inclusive, AND …
… because it is easier for me to spell. For some reason I always want to leave the “H” out of Christmas. And I have no idea how to spell Chanukah without some kind of help.
Hanuka - Google Search1135961710265.pngWhich brings me to the first of two reasons this post is in the Search Engines category. I use Google to correct my spelling. If the application I am using doesn’t support spell check, many times I will search for the term. If I spell it wrong, Google will generally provide a correct suggestion. It always knows what I am looking for, why shouldn’t it know what I meant to spell?

Googles Candy CaneIn a sense it is an answer to the old question we used to ask our grade school teachers before the public Internet (and personal computers for that matter) existed: “How can I look up the spelling if I don’t know how to spell it?”
Hanukkah - Google Search1135961730234.png Which brings me to the second thing I noticed, which was when the holiday gets spelled correctly the divider graphic between the results and the ads becomes topical. (i.e., instead of a line there is a little column of candles.) I am a huge fan of the Google logo graphics, but this is the first time I ever noticed a decoration other than the logo and the results logo.
I checked and they are politically correct, because when I misspell Christmas in my favorite way, they also suggest a correct spelling with only a line separating the ads from the results. When it is correctly spelled, the results page shows the candy cane separating the ads from the results.

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