My own web directory

People ask me about links to things all the time. In a sense, many of the posts in AdvisorBits are just annotated links. Lately, I have been writing on a less frequent basis about the things that have really caught my eye, and a little less of the quicky posts.
Part of my reason for that has been that I knew I was working on a web directory where I would be able to quickly post links to sites that interested me. A directory is a categorized list, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that MT is easily able to create such a directory. If the actual categories seem arbitrary to you, you should look in a US phone book some time.
Without further ado… here is the new all new less fattening AdvisorBits Web Directory.
The site search has been updated to search both AdvisorBits and the Web Directory, hopefully this will be useful. (At least its no longer broken nor using a template with the default style from MT 3.1x) There’s a link on the AdvisorBits About page to submit suggestions for links, and you can ask general questions about the directory in the comments of this post.

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