Jakob Nielsen posts a top 10 list for blog usability

Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)
I have been a fan of Nielsen’s lists since I first saw them in the 90′s. My own philosophy is similar to his, and I use his work to justify my own advice on a regular basis. I like the way he sums up a key benefit of weblogs:

One of a weblog’s great benefits is that it essentially frees you from “Web design.” You write a paragraph, click a button, and it’s posted on the Internet. No need for visual design, page design, interaction design, information architecture, or any programming or server maintenance.

As I reviewed the list I found AdvisorBits to be in violation of a few rules. 1 and 2 (author bio and photo) can be remedied fairly easily. I am aware of rule 3 although not all my titles are as “correct” as this post’s.

I have always agreed with rule 6, I just don’t understand the significance of a “calendar” representation on a blog. What do I care what you were thinking about on July 9th? (Admittedly there are infrequent cases where such a view might be useful, but I think they are few.)
And even though I have been guilty of posting with irregular frequency (rule 7), I have been helping other people develop their blogs, so in that way I am regularly contributing to the weblog ecosystem. (You can call it what you want, I like Nielsen’s description of this space.)
What do you think of this and Nielsen’s other top 10 lists?

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  1. Jesse Gardner
    Jesse Gardner October 27, 2005 at 10:06 am | | Reply

    Thought they were all very good reminders, with the “Not changing the color of visited links” being my greatest sin.
    I have to say though I disagree with his veneration of the liquid layout. Just because I own 5 acres of land doesn’t mean I’m going to build a 5 acre house. And my experience with people who have excessively large screens is that they usually don’t maximize a browser window. That and liquid layout SEVERELY hampers creative designs…
    Good post.

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