What a relief

I got a little panicked when I read Ian Kennedy’s report from the first day of the business blog summit on his blog Flashpoint. He makes a lot of points with liberal linkage to additional information, and I always feel overwhelmed when presented with that much new information in an area where my knowledge is still developing. (I am also a little intimidated by certain diners because of their book like menus.)
As a consultant who is exploring the small business use of blogs, I felt like I should be a lot more familiar with at more of the names and ideas he mentioned.

The relief came today when I returned to find Ian had posted his report from the second day.

Dean [Hachamovitch] summed it up when he said that there, “are some good tail lights to follow” but no one has it all figured out yet. Everyone said in their presentation somewhere, you just need to start blogging and then it will come to you what you need to do.

So I am following some tail lights and everything is on track. And Nike’s campaign was right too. Just do it. (Yup, even Nike tried a marketing blog for 20 days last year.)

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  1. Ian
    Ian August 23, 2005 at 7:09 pm | | Reply

    I think everyone is scratching their head looking for the right answer on how to blog as a business, part of the benefit of going to a conference like this is being able to look around and see that your peers are feeling their way in the dark too.
    As usual, the self-help publishing industry is gearing up to meet this demand with a couple of books right around the corner on blog publishing. To date I know of three books that are due out shortly:
    Robert Scoble & Shel Israel (http://redcouch.typepad.com/weblog/)
    Debbie Weil (http://blogwrite.blogs.com/book/)
    Jeremy Wright, Blog Marketing (available on Amazon)

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