Times they are a changin’

Christopher over at the MS IE weblog points out that IEBlog : Windows 2000 moves into Extended Support after June 30th. Similar to what one commenter noticed, most small business users I work with are already switched off of the Windows 2000 desktop platform. I only have a couple more Windows 2000 servers that I am involved with to move over too Windows 2003, or the Longhorn Server, if that is ever released.
I was amused to notice the comment: “that is non-trivial to port back to Windows 2000″. Especially in light of the definition of trivial at the Jargon File.

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  1. AdvisorBits
    AdvisorBits August 23, 2005 at 10:32 am | | Reply

    What a relief

    I got a little panicked when I read Ian Kennedy’s report from the first day of the business blog summit on his blog Flashpoint. He makes a lot of points with libral linkage to additional information, and I always feel…

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