Sarge declared stable

Deblian LogoDebian released Sarge as “stable” yesterday, June 6th. This is good news for fans of free Linux distributions, its been three years in the making and some of us have wandered off to other distros while we were waiting. I hope PSoft jumps on the bandwagon to support this distro. I like the idea that Trustix would have competition, and I would have a choice between a couple of distros I feel an affinity for. I don’t count RedHat because of previous disappointments, this leaves out CentOS and [shudder] Fedora Core too.
(Credit to goes to LadyLinux for pointing this out.)
In related news a whole bunch of “really smart people” have figured out that Windows actually costs less than Linux. I notice that the really smart people in this case all seem to be paid by Microsoft, and I wonder if it is a coincidence.

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