Rebuilding like I say it should be done

I am working on a redesign of my primary business website. I want to achieve at least 2 goals which I frequently help my clients with, goals that like the cobbler who’s children have no shoes I have not achieved for myself.

  1. I want to make the site more sematically correct. More than just stuff like menus should be lists, not just <span>s in <divs> information should be simple and easy to navigate. Heading tags should be nested in ways that would make sense to my highschool composition teacher, rest her soul.
  2. I want to focus more on the RIGHT keywords, and make sure that search engines correctly interpret what my site has to offer searchers. Of course, I will have to figure out what those are.

The site I have now does OK in terms of page rank, and the keywords that most search engines calculate are acceptable, and the XHTML and CSS validates OK most of the time too. I wouldn’t mind it if the site looked a bit cooler while I am at it.
Oh, and one other thing… it is going to be entirely MT powered.

Here are a few links to pages I have reviewed recently to research this project.

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    AdvisorBits September 25, 2005 at 11:30 am | | Reply

    I should learn

    AdvisorBits: Rebuilding like I say it should be done … meanwhile four months later. The new JSW4.NET site is published, powered entirely by MT and more or less an experimental platform for examining how certain search engines look keywords, at…

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