Google does maps now too

Google Maps (beta) was launched pretty quietly today.
The service is quite fast to load in the browser and moving around on the map is fast. The mapping screen refreshes from the center out which is a nice little touch. I don’t have to wait half way through the map loading to find out if I am centered correctly.
I was able to find quite a few things in Albany and in my local town. My own home which is quite rural was found, but another friend’s home was not. Directions between known points were accurate, but interestingly they were slightly different for no apparent reason if you switch the to-from end points.
I am not really familiar with the other mapping services ability to pin point businesses by name, but Google Maps found a small local college by name only. I thought that was pretty good. Another search for restaurants in my town produced a fairly comprehensive list. More than I knew around here.
The business listings here do not seem related to Googles main search engine listings. I used keywords I am sure the main Google knows my site by and knows. I know Google has the address, among other reasons I know this, it appears on every page. Google Maps didn’t find it.
Beta means not quite ready for production yet, so I don’t mind a few odd results at this point. The results are snappy and accurate, even if I do wonder about some of the things it doesn’t find. (Yet.)
What are your first impressions?

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