Your Referrers Are Showing

A couple days after I noticed the SPAM in my web statistics, the topic came up over at the Comment Spam Clearinghouse, a blog run by Jay Allen.
Jay was hired this fall by Six Apart, the publishers of MT, presumably because of his blackbelt in AntiSPAM, as demonstrated by the mission critical MT plug-in he wrote, MT-Blacklist.
Jay’s post is about a script that scrapes the spammers out of your web server’s access logs. I’m not sure that I agree with this, it strikes me as incorrect from a standpoint of wanting accurate statistics about how my web server is used. As I mentioned, I think its more appropriate to restrict public access to those statistics pages. Besides, I can’t stand to discard data- I’m a hopeless data packrat.
I have noticed a marked increase in comment SPAM since I posted the other entry. I think it must be coincidental, because to believe otherwise would be to think that one of my very few precious readers is a SPAMMER.

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