“THE” question?

InformationWeek > Weblogs > The Weblog Question > January 31, 2005
This article looks at who owns the content on the weblogs we all love to read. It seems reasonable to me that a blog which is published on the web server’s of the company is the property of the company. In fact it is this kind of thinking that made me an independant consultant. The author goes on to describe a number of cases where the ownership of content is ambiguous, and even a few where big corporations do not assert copyright over the blogs of their employees.
The article presents a well rounded overview of some of the legal issues surrounding ownership, but it was this quote that I thought both my blogging and document imaging friends would appreciate.

“Forrester envisions a day when new employees on their first day will be handed a sheet of paper with their phone number, E-mail address–and a URL for their blog,” analyst Charlene Li observed in the report. That day is closer than you think.”

Sheet of paper?

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