New Home Page Layout Progresses

Over the past few days if you glanced at AdvisorBits and refreshed your broswers, you might have seen me working on the layout. I still want to do somethings with the type and there are a lot of other pages to repair. To say nothing of the pages I have to create because of the new navitgation system.
I’ve included a selection of recent images from my PhotoBlog courtesy of the MultiBlog plugin for MT, by David Raynes.
Listamatic was super helpful in supplying ideas and code for the main navigation list at the top of the page. I’m sure I’ll use it as I fix up the links on the right side of the page.
If you like the new colors you can thank {style:phreak;}, I used his fancy color picker. If you don’t like them I guess you can blame me, I stopped spinning the dials on the color picker when I saw some combinations that I liked. I think I will be using Eric Meyers’ color blender for some button colors soon. You might want to bookmark those two for your own use if you design web pages in color.

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