Gimp Lomo Effect

My friend Jesse is a genius with Photoshop. He can take just about any photo and make it look good; I oughta know because hes helped me out of a design jam a couple of times. But me, I can’t afford those professional kinds of tools when my primary use will be to shrink my photos of flowers from my garden. When I mentioned the GIMP to Jesse, he kind of mumbled some things I dont quite remember as if to imply theres stuff that Photoshop can do that GIMP can’t.
One of the features he likes about his tool was some ability to store procedures and repeat them. I found out there’s a thing in GIMP called script-fu which is an implimentation of the scheme programing language. I don’t think this ability to write our own scheme scripts to manipulate images is much use to me or Jesse, but the ability to plug in other people’s scripts sure is. I have been working through some of the tutorials at the GIMP web site and the various plug-ins are mentioned in some of the tutorials.
LOMOed shot of dog in mist
And I found out there’s a script-fu to apply lomo effects. (Although the script didn’t work because it was for an older version of GIMP, I found a refernce to this set of instructions that allows me to create my own lomo effect. Thijs van der Vossen · Faking Lomo) Do I like it?
Which brings me back to Jesse, because I had never heard of this until he mentioned it on his own blog at Lomo is a Russian optics company that makes camera which takes pictures that have their own unique quality of color and light.

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