CGI:: Application powers 1-800 Save a Pet

If you have a minute check out 1-800 Save a Pet because it’s a nice site for a good cause. Be sure to check out their spiffy theme song.
Mark Stosberg worked on this site and he tipped us to the site on the CGI::Application list. Other recent discussions on this list have been very useful to improving my understanding of some of the finer minutia of object oriented perl programming.
I also wanted to make sure to give a plug to Mark’s development company, Summersault, LLC. Mark and the others at Summersault are active contributers to the Perl (specifically through CGI::App) and the Open Source community, and Mark has recently contributed a number of very key “plugins” for writing CGI applications. You may never use one of these programs, but if I write something for you, the chances are really good that I will.
Thanks Mark.

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