Zeldman says it’s good…

I was going though some blog related reading and tripped to the site SimpleBits which not only sounds a little like Advisorbits, but the topic there is also web design. The author, Dan Cederholm seems to have a similar philosophy to us too; “…a consulting firm that specializes in building simple, accessible sites with web standards.”
His idea of simple may be a bit more decorative than ours; but there is something to learn there too.
He’s written a cookbook, SimpleBits, with an interesting table of contents. If the TOC is any indication of the actual content it should be useful to web designers.
Jeffrey Zeldman of “The Daily Report” fame (and ALA and Happy Cog Designs) had nice things to say about it, so I thought I would point my readers over there.
In a sense I guess this post could also be known also known as the “Hey Mikey likes it” of book reviews.

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