Thanks, Mark

I confess, my first PC was a MacPlus. (The original MacPlus if you’re old enough to know there was more than one model year.) So I have always been in essence a drag and drop guy. Over the years I picked up a little DOS, and now I use a lot of Linux. I work on a command prompt more than almost everyone I know.
The real truth is that the GUI background has softened me and made me pretty much a poser compared to the guys who really know how to use a *NIX shell. I learn what I need because I look things up and for some unknown reason I understand man pages. (And computer software manuals, and I know how to Google.)
I was looking for some syntax examples so I could reboot rk Sobels’ new book, which also just happens to have the answer to all the even number questions in the book. It even conveniently incuded an example that had everthing but the exact time I wanted.
So here’s how it looks:
[root@colin root]# at 0600 tomorrow
warning: commands will be executed using (in order) a) $SHELL b) login shell c) /bin/sh
at> shutdown -r now
job 1 at 2004-08-06 06:00
[root@colin root]#
If you want to see what that will setup (not for the weak of heart) you could do:
[root@colin root]# at -c 1
A note: the is caused by typing a Ctrl-d and the number “1″ in the second command is whatever job number you wish to see listed.

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