Splitting nerd hairs

Sometimes I write these posts and I am wonder if my clients understand the stuff I write about, and sometime I wonder if it hasn’t just become one of those ranting (or rambling) nerd blogs even though I really try hard not to rant. And then, as if to cheer me up, Google points me to a whole other realm of nerdly wonder, namely Eric Smith’s blog about all things SPAM.
spamblogging – A discussion of all things spam. Stopping, tracking, responding, and more.
I was looking for info on how to use SPF on Microsoft Exchange, and more general info about the feelings in the mail administrator community about whether the latest anti SPAM trend is going to fix things or not. I got a lot of good information and two great quotes from spamblogging.

Who’s to say what’s wrong and what is right? All I know is that SPF/Sender ID sure isn’t going to stop spam, and it sure isn’t going to make my life all that different. But if it can help cut back on spoofing and even reduce spamming only a bit – then I’m down with it.

And even though he over generalizes and calls RMS an Open Source talking head, I think this line by Eric Smith in a post titled “Big Surprise: RMS favors OSS over that of Microsoft“, is rather amusing and almost certainly on target:

All in all, it is a bunch of nerd egos making cracking sounds as they butt into each other, trying to split hairs over things that don’t necessarily even apply.

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