For the customers’ convenience (repeat three times)

The Web. Although parts of the Web had existed in practice since 1980 when Berners-Lee wrote ENQUIRE, it wasn’t called the Web until he wrote a GUI and made up the name WorldWideWeb as a name for the first graphical browser. [Screenshot at W3C]
But even back in 1980, one of the things that made ENQUIRE work and made it different was the list of links that was a part of each “node”.
I would tell you how to find out what the State Muffin of the Empire State is by providing a link to the official tourism site, which has the information, but I Love New Yorkwon’t let me link to them, so you’ll just have to guess. (Hint: Think state fruit, but I can’t link you to that on the tourism site either.)
Links are important to your web site.
Well designed linkage within your site can allow your visitors to easily “dip” into your site and find what they want to find. This is important because some current thinking and research indicate that this is how people use the web. It’s also important because your website should be there for the convenience of your customers.
Links to other useful Internet resources are also imporant for the convenience of your customers. Links to your site are imporant to you, because they will expose potential new customers to your products and services.
For instance, as you read this, some of you may be wondering: Where would I find information about tourism in the State of New York? Unfortunately, under the terms and conditions of use listed on the site in question on a page with the title:
Welcome from the Governor and Mrs. George E. Pataki – I LOVE NEW YORK – The Official New York State Tourism Website
… one finds a most unusual thing for a public tourism website:

Linking by third party web sites to this web site is strictly prohibited unless the Department grants express written consent. All requests to link to this site should be directed to [here they actually provide an individual’s email address, which we will ommit out of courtesy]

What’s so public or promotional about that?
They probably would have let us link, I have found a lot of links to the site in Google, but its a matter of principle. State Toursim information should be public and linking to it should be as free as Apple Muffins.
Or what about the State Song? Just Google it. But, remember I didn’t link you to the New York State Tourism website located at I LOVE NY dot COM.

I LOVE NEW YORK (repeat 3 times)
There isn’t another like it.
No matter where you go.
And nobody can compare it.
It’s win and place and show.
New York is special.
New York is diff’rent’ cause there’s no place else
on earth quite like New York and that’s why
(repeat 3 times)

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