Been a little quiet lately

The office has moved and the networks have been upgraded. That took a while, and the new version of Moveble Type ( has finally been installed. (“I need to upgrade the software.” has been my excuse for not posting for the last week at least.)
The most noticable change you may see as a reader are in the the way comments are handled. You can go over to and get a TypeKey for free. This will help me to identify you, (me and anyone else who uses the new version of MT in thier blogs…) and to cut down on SPAM in AdvisorBits.
Although the above service is FREE, and I trust the company that runs the service, if you would prefer to post your comments without registering, you may. These comments will not appear until they have been moderated. No links to adult sites will be allowed. Comments that are vague or off topic will not be approved.
If you have your own blog, you probably know what I mean. ;-)

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